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Formed On Good Ideas.

Individual Know-how
Used for Melt Metals.

80 years of experience in producing technical parts by using the die casting process, especially zamak and aluminum; this is what we offer to our customers as the swiss market leader. Whatever application you want to realize in die casting, we produce your parts according to your needs.

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From the basic idea to the part ready for installation
Whether business-to-business – from apparatus and machine construction to electronics and measurement and control technology – or the lock and hardware sector, there is one factor that binds all of our customers from the most varied sectors of industry: they deliberately choose MEGA products and solutions.
They have realised that, thanks to quality products and reliable outsourcing of metal parts - from the idea to the finished part - time and cost advantages can be turned into a reality.

Where will the concerned part be used? What physical, mechanical and visual requirements will it have to satisfy? What material would be most suitable? How many are to be produced? Our Technical Department with its team of engineering specialists will advise you individually and professionally as regards all design and procedural questions.

On our 2D- and 3D-systems, we design the following:
– parts drawings
– mould desings
– apparatuses
– trim dies
– processing gauges

Data transfer:
In order to guarantee smooth data transfer, we work with standard interfaces for importing and exporting standard formats, such as DXF, JGES, DWG, STP, X_T, X_B, etc.