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Individual Know-how
Used for Melt Metals.

80 years of experience in producing technical parts by using the die casting process, especially zamak and aluminum; this is what we offer to our customers as the swiss market leader. Whatever application you want to realize in die casting, we produce your parts according to your needs.

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The last finish
The final grinding process entails sand-blasting or shot-blasting, grinding, brushing and polishing.

Surface finish by galvanising
In our highly efficient, computer-controlled galvanising plant, we can nickel-plate bulk solids using the barrel method. Particularly difficult parts with varying surface structures are nickel-plated on a trestle, chrome-plated or given a velours finish.

Alternative finishes
nickel plating:    
– tumble nickel plating
– ball blasting nickel plating
– sand blasting nickel plating
– brushed nickel plating
– polished nickel plating

chrome plating:
– ball blasting chrome plating
– sand blasting chrome plating
– brushed chrome plating
– polished chrome plating
– velours chrome plating

Surface finishes using other procedures
We are also able to offer you non-galvanised surface finishes. Abiding by the motto of "Everything from one source", we can supply your parts with all current surface finishes (e.g. powder coated, wet lacquered, etc.).